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Dynamic coaching

Even Tiger Woods can't see his back swing!

Almost every athlete who has ever won a gold medal has had a coach.  The same can be said for world class musicians, boxers, actors and so on.  Can the same be said for you?

All people who are serious about personal and business performance will benefit massively from having a coach.

DNA Global use face-to-face meetings combined with information technology to put coaching directly where it has maximum effect.





Executive and Personal Coaching - right where and when you need it

DNA Global is proud to be able to provide world class coaches to suit the specific needs of different individuals.


E-Coaching, T-Coaching & V-Coaching

Most coaching often needs to be carried out face to face; now however technology supported coaching brings to you a number of breakthrough benefits.



"Information Technology will have a huge impact, particularly on new learning modes. Simply put: IT is changing the way education and training is delivered"

[EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) report 'Unleashing the Power of Learning']

Electronic (web based) coaching allows individuals to receive feedback from their coaches immediately the need arises: at their workplace, where they take action right away.

When you hit a crunch problem that challenges you, your thoughts and reactions can be logged so you can capture the effects in real time. This means you can re-visit the issue and the potential transformational learning points in the time and place to suit you, the coachee; whether on a plane, train, at the office or away on business, enabling you to address the points at a time that suits your schedule.

Responses from the coach can be viewed, stored and reviewed whenever it is convenient and appropriate.

Because of the process of coaching via electronic mail, time is allowed for reflection; a process proven to enhance learning breakthrough.

E-Coaching is a power tool.  It is to the point, flexible and easy to use.  No special hardware or software is needed so long as you have the ability to access email.  E-Coaching works powerfully by itself or in conjunction with other forms of coaching.

Some individuals find the process of E-Coaching an ideal way to reflect and consider their skills and development in an environment that suits them. I t can be used to prepare individuals and groups for a future learning or development process.

E-Coaching is also an ideal way to complement face to face coaching or as a means of continuing personal and professional development following a learning or training event.  It can be carried out in a large group format through use of the DNA Global E-Room.  This is an open or closed group format for discussing and sharing thought and ideas electronically.



A tried and tested method of helping individuals to develop their skills and abilities.  This process usually operates through the coachee and coach 'meeting' at a regular time to go through the coaching process.  It has the benefit that the coachee can operate from their office or from wherever they may be situated worldwide; so long as a phone is to hand.  There is no down time or expenses associated with travelling to meetings.

If preferred, T-Coaching can operate with the assistance of Interactive Electronic Learning Rooms allowing the coach and coachee to share and alter the same on screen data whilst going through the coaching process.

T-Coaching can work with individuals or groups.  It is an ideal precursor or follow-up to a team coaching process through conference calling.  Again, no special software or hardware is needed to tap into this highly cost effective coaching medium.



V-coaching (or video coaching) allows the coaching process to work through video conferencing methods.  V-Coaching can operate equally well for individuals or groups.  Whilst a video-conferencing suite provides the best way, at the present time, to use this process, technology enables it to work inexpensively through a PC, PDA or notebook computer.

V-Coaching enables coach and coachee to carry out a face to face conversation, discuss issues and work through learning processes from remote locations and in any part of the world.  Depending on the technology used, data can also be shared on screen simultaneously with direct face to face contact.


Specific coaching applications

DNA Global uses E, V & T Coaching in a flexible manner depending on the needs of your organisation.  In addition we offer two distinct coaching applications:

Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders.

Performance Coaching for Managers. 

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