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About DNA Global DNA Global can provide an integrated and broad service which will help your organisation to achieve its medium and long-term mission whilst still developing short term capability.
Dynamic Diagnosis

Our approach as consultants is to engage the deep structure of the organisation.

Dynamic Coaching

Some coaching needs to be carried out in face to face, however now technology supported coaching brings to you a number of breakthrough benefits.

Dynamic Needs Analysis

Every athlete who has ever won a gold medal has had a coach.  The same can be said for world class musicians, boxers, actors and so on.  Can the same be said for you?

Team Inspiration & Motivation

What inspires individuals to be part of a team, a collective, an organisation or indeed a nation?

Transformational Leadership

Here at DNA Global we believe passionately in the power of leadership.  We believe that leadership is the only game in town if you want more than incremental personal and business improvement.
Creating Your Organisation

We work within the deep structure of your company, to develop and maintain the optimal "DNA blueprint" that drives your organisation.

 Organisational Innovation Innovation - the deliberate initiation of change to create a business benefit
Factors promoting organisational innovation Research has shown that 3 main factors influence organisational innovation...
Strategic Planning & Business Issue Resolution The current business environment is so unpredictable and fast changing that greater emphasis needs to be placed on scenario planning
Illustrative Business
Innovation Programme
Specific business issues needing attention are identified, along with those aspects of attitude, culture and level of innovation skills that need development to realise business innovation
Facilitation Skills Programmes Facilitation creates organisational change by empowering individuals and teams.
Performance coaching for managers This particular tool is intended for managers who have potential to increase performance by modifying behaviour
Specialised Tools A six step process for identifying and securing the right types of people in the right market space.

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